Compliance with Gavin's Law, Act 54 of 2023 – Policy Statement

Effective Date: February 22, 2024


This policy is enacted to ensure strict compliance with Gavin's Law, Act 54 of 2023, within

Limestone Charter Association and sponsored schools. This policy demonstrates the district and

schools’ commitment to ensuring compliance with Gavin's Law and taking measures to educate

and inform students, parents, guardians, and the public about the issue of sexual extortion and its

consequences. It also outlines a clear framework for oversight, review, and documentation to

ensure ongoing adherence to the law's requirements. This policy outlines the steps and

measures that LCA and sponsored schools are taking to ensure compliance with Gavin's Law,

Act 54 of 2023, and promote safety and awareness regarding the dangers and consequences of

sexual extortion.

Collaboration with Relevant Authorities:

In accordance with the mandates of Gavin's Law, Limestone Charter Association and its

sponsored schools are committed to collaborating with the following entities:

- The State Department of Education

- The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

- The Attorney General's Office, as needed, to facilitate the proper execution of Gavin's

Law within our educational institution.

Student Notification:

To fulfill the requirements for student notification under Gavin's Law, The Orangeburg High

School for Health Professions will take the following steps:

- Incorporation into Erin's Law Curriculum: We pledge to integrate the provisions of

Gavin's Law into the Erin's Law curriculum, offering age-appropriate instruction on the

hazards and consequences of sexual extortion to all our students.

- Adequate Notice: The Orangeburg High School for Health Professions and sponsored

schools will ensure that all students are adequately informed about Gavin's Law and its

implications. This notification may be conveyed through classroom instruction,

presentations, informational materials, or other suitable means.

Public Notification:

In an effort to inform the public about Gavin's Law, The Orangeburg High School for Health

Professions will make its Gavin's Law compliance policy available on our official website and

will post individual school policies on their respective websites. This approach guarantees full

visibility and accessibility to parents or guardians, students, school personnel, and the general


Notification to Parents or Guardians and School Personnel:

To keep parents or guardians, as well as school personnel, informed about Gavin's Law and its

implications, The Orangeburg High School for Health Professions will employ preferred

notification methods such as newsletters, emails, parent-teacher conferences, or staff meetings to

convey information about law changes and our school's compliance efforts.

Review and Updates:

This policy will be subject to regular review to ensure continuous alignment with Gavin's Law

and to accommodate necessary updates in response to evolving requirements or best practices.

Compliance Oversight:

The Orangeburg High School for Health Professions will appoint a designated individual to

oversee and ensure compliance with this policy. This entity will also serve as a point of contact

for any questions or concerns related to Gavin's Law.

Reporting and Documentation:

We will maintain comprehensive records of all activities related to Gavin's Law compliance,

including notifications, instructional materials, and collaboration with relevant authorities.

Legal Authority:

This policy is established in accordance with the legal authority granted by Gavin's Law, Act 54

of 2023, and any other pertinent federal, state, or local laws and regulations.

Contact Information:

For inquiries regarding this policy or Gavin's Law compliance, please contact:

Mrs. Andrea Jamison

Administrator of School Operations

(803) 599-0467